Prenatal Yoga with Sarah Scharf

Yoga with Sarah ScharfLast week I was invited to take part in Sarah Scharf’s birth-prep yoga class, an invitation I was overjoyed to receive. I hadn’t yet taken any prep classes and wasn’t sure if I would since my last labor was wildly different from everything I learned in my lamaze class, but knowing yoga was the main focus of the course sounded amazing to my aching back and shoulders and legs and feet, so off I went.

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Pregnancy: Stateside and abroad

pregnancyMy little man Elliott was unintentionally born in the U.S. nearly 2 years ago. *pause for mom tears* When we found out I was pregnant with him, we planned for a delivery here in Vienna. But as many of you readers may recall, we flew stateside to wait for our visas which didn’t get approved until after I was too fat pregnant to fly. At first we were disappointed our plans had fallen through, but in the long run, it worked out beautifully. And, had I not had Elliott in the States, I wouldn’t be able to bring you this post.

Since being pregnant with Lucy, I’ve received a good amount of questions about the differences between being pregnant in the U.S. and being pregnant in Vienna. I’ve condensed the questions down to 5 for this particular post, but if you have others, lemme know.

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Our Photo Shoot with GL Photography

In May I entered a contest via the Women of Vienna Facebook page to win a free maternity shoot – and I won! I was pumped, because not only did I win something for the first time in ages, and not only was it free, but I won without having to tag 3 friends and follow 20 other people I know nothing about and will later unfollow who also want me to tag 3 friends then share about my having tagged 3 friends in a tweet and a Facebook post and even a Google+ post if I’m feeling wild all to maybe possibly but most likely not win a photo shoot.

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Wasserspielplatz Donauinsel: Suit up

Suit UpOut with the gray, in with the blue; the sun is here to stay with you!

(You’re welcome for that free poem I know you’re writing down on a nearby sticky note.)

But really. It’s so nice to wake up to sunshine beaming in through the shades instead of drizzle and dark clouds (yesterday and today being the exception). Austria’s spring months always seem to struggle through to the warmth and light, but when it’s time for weather enjoyment, Vienna gets real serious about it. Outdoor cafes pop up all over the city, festivals and concerts explode with popularity, the city’s inhabitants jump into the closest body of water no matter the temperature of the water. Winters may be miserable here, but summers – nobody does it better.

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If you’re a traveler now, be a traveler then, too.

Keep Traveling1Fact: Touring a city as an individual or spouse compared to touring a city as a parent are polar opposite experiences. Before Will and I decided to start our family, we were avid travelers, both as a dating and married couple. Together we’ve spent a month in Ghana – twice, attempted to visit much of the UK (until I was quarantined in a hospital in Liverpool, but that’s another story), hopped around Turkey and Greece, vacationed in Croatia (and we were sent back to the U.S. by border guards there, too!) and Slovenia, popped in and out of Hungary and Slovakia, and seen a decent amount of Austria.

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