Two Babies, Two Countries

two-babiestwo-countriesWhen I found out I was pregnant with Lucy and readily assured we would have no visa issues to worry about throughout the pregnancy, I allowed myself to finally get excited about having a baby in Austria, which if you remember – that was the plan with Elliott, and yet he was born in the land of cowboys and constant earthquakes. I have several American friends who’ve had babies in the U.S. as well as Austria, and the majority of those women said that if they were to have more babies, they’d want to have them here – in Austria. Interesting, I thought, that my friends preferred another country, another culture, and another language to their own. What’s the pull, and would I feel the same way?

Now after having had a baby in the U.S. and a baby in Austria, I’ve come to my decision based on a few important factors:

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Lucy’s “Speedy Delivery!”

*Note: If you’re currently pregnant and you feel feelings of immense frustration and terror when moms share their birth stories without an invitation, click away from here and go take a nap or continue your Netflix binge. While I don’t consider my experience to have been scary, I know it can 100% sound that way to a hormonal first time mom. So go grab yourself some chocolate and we can swap stories later.

*Additional note: Don’t worry. This will not be in graphic detail. Keep eating your lunch.


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Newborn Photo Shoot with GL Photography (aka – pictures of Lucy!!!)

I’ve hit a sweet spot in the day where both kids are asleep and there’s laundry in the washer and I’m only on my second outfit compared to the five I went through yesterday, sooo…

That means I have 5 minutes and 30 seconds to post cute baby pictures!

Lucy was born on Wednesday August 10th at 10:58am. Labor was FAST but I’ll write about that another time. Now she’s 2 weeks old, a total cutie, very sleepy, and very mess-up-all-of-mom’s-clothesy. Big brother is adjusting well. He’s perhaps a bit more ornery than usual, but he dotes on Lucy, or “Sucy”, as he calls her and seems to genuinely enjoy having her around. The other day when he came home from school, the first thing he said upon entering the house was, “Baaaabyyyy where aaaaare yoooou?”, and it was the cutest thing.

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Prenatal Yoga with Sarah Scharf

Yoga with Sarah ScharfLast week I was invited to take part in Sarah Scharf’s birth-prep yoga class, an invitation I was overjoyed to receive. I hadn’t yet taken any prep classes and wasn’t sure if I would since my last labor was wildly different from everything I learned in my lamaze class, but knowing yoga was the main focus of the course sounded amazing to my aching back and shoulders and legs and feet, so off I went.

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Pregnancy: Stateside and abroad

pregnancyMy little man Elliott was unintentionally born in the U.S. nearly 2 years ago. *pause for mom tears* When we found out I was pregnant with him, we planned for a delivery here in Vienna. But as many of you readers may recall, we flew stateside to wait for our visas which didn’t get approved until after I was too fat pregnant to fly. At first we were disappointed our plans had fallen through, but in the long run, it worked out beautifully. And, had I not had Elliott in the States, I wouldn’t be able to bring you this post.

Since being pregnant with Lucy, I’ve received a good amount of questions about the differences between being pregnant in the U.S. and being pregnant in Vienna. I’ve condensed the questions down to 5 for this particular post, but if you have others, lemme know.

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